Spring Foundation – Planting the Seeds with Heather

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Wednesdays in April – 4pm PST/7pm EST

Embrace the Blossoming Season: Dive into the heart of spring with a revitalizing yoga session designed to ground your spirit and amplify your intentions as we welcome the warmer days ahead. 🌱

Experience a nurturing practice that delves into the roots of your being, anchoring you firmly in the present moment while planting the seeds of your aspirations for the season. Let’s channel the energy of renewal and growth together.

As the weather transitions, we’ll stoke our inner fire, igniting vitality and rejuvenation within our bodies. Feel the power of movement as we generate warmth and vitality, aligning with the rhythm of the season.

This class isn’t just about physical practice; it’s about crafting a sanctuary for your mind and body to flourish. I invite you to tailor this experience to suit your unique needs, allowing space for personal exploration and transformation on your mat.

Join Heather for an empowering journey of self-discovery and renewal. Let’s awaken our senses and embrace the beauty of spring together!!

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March 22, 2024